Species: Sanderling (Calidris alba)
Remarks: Robert Thomson:  Bird observed  through telescope at a distance on a desert pan/lake. Appeared slightly larger than adjacent Common Ringed Plovers.  Clear dark shoulder patches/side of breast with overall white frontal appearance. Bill short and dark and legs dark.  Conclusions: Sanderling.  I did not think much of this bird at the time because its quite common to see the species inland in southern Africa on migration.  [WABDaB Admin: description is good, species found in Chad before, observation in the Ennedi not unexpected.]
Date: 2021-09-04
Source: APN/UCT bird monitoring: E. Bussiere, O. Fontaine, A. Lowney & R. Thomson
Location: (Chad)
Entered by: Joost Brouwer (Brouwer EAC)